Pupils across 16 schools in Derby have been learning about the importance of staying safe online through an engaging play.

Using a combination of theatre, allegory and an interactive workshop this production teaches the rules of the internet in a fun and accessible way.

Saltmine Trust, based in Dudley has been delivering the play, ‘Escape’, to hundreds of pupils across the city.

The play which has been funded by the Council’s Community Safety team covers topics ranging from cyber bullying to the dangers of talking to strangers on the internet and is an innovative way to teach internet safety to pupils.

Councillor Asaf Afzal, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Public Protection, said:

I really enjoyed the performance from the cast and it was great to see the pupils engaging with it and taking in all of the messages about staying safe online. How we deliver messages about online safety is extremely important and through presenting this information in such a fun and entertaining way the pupils are more likely to apply this knowledge to the real world.”

Craig Keen, Community Safety Manager, said:

We are delighted to help fund such a powerful play which creatively promotes the importance of online safety in our schools. It is important that we keep children safe online and that they know more about the potential risks that are out there.”

The plot

Sarah Thompson lives on the edge of an enchanted forest, and on her eleventh birthday she is allowed to enter for the first time on her own. She starts her adventure with the three rules that will keep her safe echoing in her ears, but there are wolves in the forest and when Sarah meets a stranger all is not as it seems. Will she remember the rules? Or will she leave the path and go her own way?

For more information you can visit the Saltmine Trust website.

Cllr Afzal discusses the cyber safety play

Headteacher of Becket Primary School, Sue James chats about the impact of the cyber safety play on her pupils.

You can watch a sneak peek of ‘Escape’ in this trailer.