A number of pupils from Wyndham Academy in Alvaston have received the Boulton Ward Young Citizenship Award 2017.

The Boulton Neighbourhood Board came up with the idea for the award to reward young people in the Boulton Ward for exceptional and outstanding work within the Community.

The pupils of Wyndham Academy have been working hard within their community to improve parking issues around school both in the morning and afternoons, they have set up a safety group with members putting on high visibility jackets and patrolling the area outside school, speaking with drivers to encourage better parking and raising awareness of safety around the school.

To help with marking out the ‘safety’ zone the pupils managed to successfully apply, get permission for and install Billy and Belinda bollards.

Members of the safety group spoke with the Ranjit Banwait, ward councillor for Boulton and the neighbourhood officer for the Boulton Ward, Rebecca Hudson about the school’s road safety project and how it is proving to be a success with a huge decrease in parking on zig zag lines and blocking off dropped kerbs.

Ranjit Banwait, ward councillor for Boulton who presented the pupils with the award, said:

The enthusiasm from the pupils of Wyndham Academy is fantastic to see, these pupils are our future and to see them successfully lobby their local Councillors for safety improvements and hear what they have done by setting up the ‘safety group’ is why they were chosen for the Young Citizenship Award 2017.  This is inspiring for our Ward and I’m sure that there is more to come.”