It’s big energy saving week this week, so here are six top tips from the Energy Saving Trust to help shave a few pounds of your energy bills and make your home more efficient.

  1. Keep radiators clear – Having furniture too close to radiators can prevent the heat they produce from properly circulating round the room which wastes the energy used to heat them. If you’ve got furniture in the way of a radiator, try moving it and see how much warmer your room gets.
  2. Draft defender– You could save as much as £30 a year by making sure cold drafts can’t get in through windows and doors. It doesn’t need to be high-tech or expensive, even masking tape will help.
  3. Switch up your light bulbs – Changing all your lights for low energy options such as LED’s could save you around £35 a year, and they’re longer lasting, up to 25 years for an LED bulb.
  4. Stop standing by – If you turn appliances off standby mode by turning them off at the main socket you could knock around £30 a year off your energy bill. Try making it a new habit.
  5. Boil brilliantly – Only boiling the water you need in your kettle for a cup of tea could save you a cool £7 a year. That’s about £45 million for the whole of the UK.
  6. Short, sharp showering – If you cut your shower down by just a minute every day you could stop £10 a year going down the drain. Homes with water meters could save £12 a year.

Want more energy saving tips? Head over to the Energy Saving Trust website or follow #BESW2016 on twitter.