The Traffic Regulation Order for St Peter’s Street was introduced on Friday 25th May. As part of that process the police were consulted and confirmed that they were in support of the proposal to allow limited time cycling to access St Peter’s Street.

The order allows cycling from 5.00pm to 10.00am.

This is part of the Connected Cycle City and Placemaking Programme (CCC+P) funded by £1.6 million in Local Growth Fund by D2N2 and £250,000 by the Council. It helps to fulfil the goals and visions of the Local Transport Plan 2011-2026 which was built on Derby’s achievements as one of the first six Cycling Demonstration Towns in the UK in which Cycling England invested £3.6m. That saw more than 5,000 school children cycling to school for the first time and it also saw an annual 17% increase in cycling to create an environmentally-friendly and sustainable method of transport. The creation of an additional 1.2km of cycle access  in St Peters Street and Cornmarket takes the total routes across the city to 19.6 km and continues to encourage sustainable transport as envisaged back in 2011 when the plan was approved. St Peters Street public realm also benefited from the CCC+P programme as the street was repaved, new seating, waste bins and planters installed as well as additional night-time lighting.

Councillor Matthew Holmes, Deputy Leader of the Council said:

“The scheme was inherited from the previous administration and recently completed, but it became clear that urgent actions were required regarding signage and enforcement and so we immediately ordered a review and council officers have responded quickly to this request.

“The scheme’s contractor has already begun excavating for the new signposts, and the entry signs are expected to be erected by the end of this week.

“Signage will be put into place at the bottom of St Peter’s Street, and at the top and bottom of Cornmarket.

“Once all the signage is in place, the council will be working with the police to put in place enforcement between 10.00am and 5.00pm to deter and confront any offenders.

“I have made it very clear to officers that I feel these very important aspects of the scheme should have been in place sooner, but with that said, we are now able to move towards a period of review with the appropriate signage and enforcement in place.

“The Conservative leadership team will now be looking very closely at how the scheme works and monitoring with a hands on approach. First and foremost we need to ensure the safety of pedestrians whilst cyclists are also using this space outside of peak times.”

Councillor Holmes added:

“We are also not happy with the etched stone slabs that have been installed. They are going to be replaced by the contractor in Yorkstone with black etched symbols for far better contrast. They will also provide a better grip during wet weather. The Council will not incur the cost of the replacements but there will now need to be some isolated construction work in the coming weeks due to this.”