Sue Banks is just one of hundreds of people in Derby who have joined Livewell to take on the #Stoptober2017 challenge to quit smoking for good.

She has smoked between 1 and 4 roll ups for 30 years and despite several failed quit attempts, she’s hoping Livewell and Stoptober will give her the support she needs to finally go smokefree.

Sue is feeling positive about quitting this time and is looking forward to taking part in more of the free activities offered by Livewell as part of its Stop Smoking and Weight Management programmes.

She said:

“I have a big birthday coming up and I’d love to be smokefree by then.  Smoking makes me feel out of breath and I struggle to do the exercise I want to do to get fit and healthy.  Giving up will help me take part in the free Livewell activities without getting out of puff.  Instead of going home from work and smoking, I’ll head out to the gym and do a work out!

I know I need individual support to stop and hopefully Livewell can give me the tips, advice and motivation to help me beat the cravings so I can celebrate my 50th birthday feeling great.”

Want to join Sue? Livewell can help you find your will power with free support and treatments.

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