Normanton successfully hosted a Take Pride event on Thursday 26th January in order to provide advice and support for residents and businesses in the local community.

The event was organised by the Neighbourhood Partnership Team who worked closely with Environmental Protection to target issues such as fly tipping and commercial waste. Warnings and Fixed Penalty Notices were issued by Environmental Protection throughout the day for fly tipping.

During the day the team spoke with local residents and shop keepers to discuss any issues they were having and offer information and guidance.

Parking Services attended to ensure motorists were not parking dangerously and illegally.

In addition the Highways team were also on hand to deal with any highways issues with the Gully wagon cleaning the drains out.

Ward Councillors attended the event through the day to add support and be on hand to talk to residents about the event. Police Community Support Officers also provided support on the day.

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Published: Friday 27th January