Councillor Martin Repton, Cabinet Member for Integrated Health and Care, explains how Derby City Council helps unpaid carers.

We realise that it is hard for unpaid carers to find time for themselves amid the demands of looking after loved ones.

That’s why we have made one of the Council’s 50 Pledges to assist 1,640 carers annually for the next two years with information and advice.

We are also eager to help people who are starting to care for loved ones through our Talking Points service.

The aim is to advise people on their rights and to make sure they know about the help in their communities.

Talking Points offers you the opportunity to have a face-to-face chat with a social care worker in a convenient location in your community.

The idea behind Talking Points is to bring social care workers out into the community, to be more accessible and to support you to find activities or organisations in the community that can help with your social care related issues.

We do this without going through a lengthy assessment but by simply talking through what your strengths are and what support, if any, you have in place at the moment.

Then we look at what is missing and work with you to find locally available support. Please have a look at the Talking Points below.

It is our aim that by providing this support that carers do not feel alone.

Our information provides carers with the following:

  • Finding your way round systems
  • Understanding specific conditions
  • Carers rights
  • Tips on how to relax
  • Latest help on legislation

Another Council Pledge is to support on average 1,400 people every week with care at home throughout the year.

We are also committed to taking action on all adult safeguarding cases referred to us and to remove or reduce the risk in 85 per cent of cases.

By making these Pledges we are trying to make sure that the carer is getting all the help and support you are entitled to.

It’s crucial that carers manage their own health and that they are able to take a break to maintain their own interests and social life.

That’s why Carers Week is so important to highlight that these people are not forgotten.