Living with mental health problems is not only challenging, but it can be life altering. Below, we show how Talking Points, our new community led support hubs are providing positive outcomes for Derby residents.

Marie, who is in her mid 30’s has a severe obsessive compulsive disorder which led to the breakdown of her relationship. As she was moving to a new area of Derby, her community psychiatric nurse referred her to Talking Points to find out what local support was available.

Marie started to explain to the social care worker all the things she couldn’t do and would need support with. But the social care worker asked Marie about things she could do and what she wanted to achieve for herself.

When telling us about Talking Points, Marie said:

“I was really surprised. Normally when I speak to someone from health or social care, it’s all about what I need help with, no-one has ever been interested in what I can do for myself, what I like doing and what things I want accomplish. It was a real breath of fresh air chatting about my positives”.

By turning the conversation on its head, the social care worker was able to find out more about Marie, about what her life is like and what support would be needed to help Marie achieve her goals in a positive way.

The social care worker gave some advice about voluntary services such as Derbyshire Mind and some short term support from the Home First Team that could help Marie get back on her feet following her separation.

Rather than looking for services to do all the things for Marie that she struggled with, she  was able to get support to learn new skills and do even more things for herself.

“I was so surprised by how different the conversation was at Talking Points. It felt good to talk about my positive’s rather than my negatives and the social care worker really helped me look forward to moving to a new life in a new community. I really feel good about myself and what I can achieve with a little help from others”.

To find out more about Talking Points, visit our website or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

If you or a loved one are struggling with Mental Health issues, visit the Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust website where there is help and advice.