Derby City Council is seeking to approve the purchase of up to six 2 or 3 bedroom homes for use as temporary accommodation for Homeless people waiting to be allocated permanent housing.

It is unlawful to place 16 and 17 year olds in B&B and against government guidelines to place a family there. The purchase of the houses will reduce the number of placements in B&B and result in better outcomes for families and young people.The acquisition will be funded through Right to Buy receipts and should, in the long term, be revenue neutral for the Council. The council is seeking to spend a maximum of £900,000 on the properties with the sum being added to the corporate capital programme board in 2018/19.

Councillor Fareed Hussain, Cabinet Member for Urban Renewal said:

“Currently there is a shortage of suitable accommodation resulting in the inappropriate use of unsuitable and costly B&B. We are confident that these acquisitions will go some way to alleviating the problem, providing better accommodation for those waiting to be housed.”