On Thursday 16th May Centre for Cities and Derby City Council held a joint event to look ahead to the end of austerity for local areas around the country.

This event was hosted at the Council House with a panel including Council Chief Executive Carole Mills, Claire Twells, Business Development Partner at Smith Partnership, Andy Storer, Chief Executive of Nuclear AMRC and Adam Buss.

The panel discussed how Derby responded to austerity, and their ambitions and priorities in a new, if challenging, age. There were also discussions around infrastructure,

The event was well attended with members of the local business community, community groups and other interested residents in attendance and they were given their opportunity to join in the debate and discuss the opportunities for the city, the actions the city and business community can take, and consider the role that national government should play.

Cities Outlook 2019 highlighted the magnitude of the funding cuts faced by cities and the resilience their leadership demonstrated – improving local government efficiency and maintaining vital service provision for the most vulnerable, under mounting pressure and increased needs.

  • Per head, cities saw a cut in spending of £386 compared to £172 elsewhere in Britain.
  • The largest cuts were felt in the north of England, on average seeing 20% reductions in their budgets.
  • Cities experienced an increase in demand for services like social care, more than half of cities spend most of their budgets on social care – in 2009/10, only four cities were in that position.