Currently all 3 and 4 year olds are entitled to 570 hours of free childcare a year as a universal offer. In September 2017 this will be increased for eligible families up to 1140 hours, known as The Extended Free Childcare Offer. Visit our website view the leaflet to find the criteria for working families. If you have a child, or know a family that will benefit from this new government scheme in 2017, the Childcare and Families Information Service need your help by completing this short survey.

This offer will provide parents huge savings on their childcare costs, and also benefit children’s early years education, however we need to find out how parents would access these extra funded hours.

Results from these surveys will help the Childcare and Families Information Service meet the new childcare demand next September. For any further queries you can contact the Childcare and Families Information Service on 01332 64078 or email the team.

More details about the offer will be posted as they become available. Visit the website for more information about services for children and families.