Pubs, restaurants and other business are ready to reopen on Saturday 4th July, almost fifteen weeks after they closed their doors to help curb the spread of coronavirus.

Over the past weeks, we’ve been issuing guidance to businesses and the public to help keep everyone as safe as possible when people return to our shops, entertainment centres and restaurants.

Social distancing and capacity guidelines will probably mean you’ll spend time queuing outside while you’re waiting for that first haircut, movie or meal out in three months, but we’ve got you covered. Below are just a few ideas to keep you and your family entertained in those queues. Remember to stay safe and socially distanced at all times though!

Make a new friend
Why not strike up a conversation to pass the time? We’ve all been through lockdown together, so there’s a chance the people either side of you will be craving social contact as much as you, and no doubt you’ll have some stories to tell – from a safe distance, of course. You never know, you might have more in common than just your choice of hairdresser.

Play a game
Eye spy, the alphabet game, live Guess Who? If you’re imaginative enough then there really is no end to the amount of games you could come up with, and they’ll work a treat if you’ve got kids. If you want to start playing with others in the queue, stick to non-contact games. No rock, paper, scissors.

Listen to music or watch a show
You might have grown so used to your own company during lockdown that the prospect of being around lots of people and conversation is just too much. Make sure you pack some earphones so you can block the world out while your wait for the pub to let you in.

Tidy up your camera roll
In that nightmare situation where you’ve forgotten your earphones? Perhaps your camera roll could do with a tidy up. You’ve had three months to snap selfies, screenshot embarrassing snapchats and  download pictures of potential holiday destinations, but you’ll need to make some space for the pictures of your post-lockdown adventures!

Check out the menu
Did you ever think you’d miss a katsu curry or butterfly chicken as much as you have? It’s been a long time since any of us have eaten out, so spend this time outside your favourite restaurant reacquainting yourself with the menu if you haven’t already.

Check our Newsroom for the latest updates
If you’ve exhausted all the options above then you’re too far along to just walk away from the queue. You can see the end of the line and you’re almost inside, so maybe a quick scroll through our Newsroom is all that’s left. Sign up for daily or weekly alerts at, who knows, you might learn something new about us!


While we adjust to our new normal, queuing for the cinema, the pub or a haircut is likely to be a regular occurrence to keep us safe during coronavirus, but think on the plus side; things could be a lot worse.