Last week, we told you about Sue Banks and her success with the Livewell team’s stop smoking service. Sue is one of thousands of people in Derby to kick the habit with the help of Livewell.

Sue has shared three things that really helped her to stop smoking, and would advise other people to take on-board:

1. Keep busy – fill every spare moment with things that keep your hands busy but try to avoid over eating.

2. Adapt your social calendar whilst you’re quitting. Holidays and celebrations are particularly tricky but participating in activities that don’t involve smoking can help curb cravings plus the money you’re saving helps afford them!  I’d recommend going to the cinema, doing yoga, playing badminton or even having a relaxing day at the spa.

3. Lean on your loved ones – my mum and dad have been particularly supportive and knowing I’m making them proud helps keep me on track.

2500 people in Derby have achieved a four-week quit with Livewell with 33% remaining smoke free at 12-months, triple the national average of 11%.

Studies show that you’re up to five times more likely to quit successfully if you use a combination of stop smoking medicine and specialist help and support from a service like Livewell.

Feeling inspired to quit? Livewell offers 12 months’ free support, stop smoking treatments and free exercise to people registered to a Derby GP practice. To apply and book a first appointment, visit the Livewell website.

For more information about Livewell’s other lifestyle services, which include funded 12-month programmes to lose weight, visit the website, or follow the team on Facebook or Twitter.