With the cold weather set to hang around, we’ve pulled together a list of top tips to help you stay safe on the roads over winter.

  • Keep it clear – Make sure you defrost and clear the snow from all the windows on your vehicle, not just the front windscreen. You should also clear any snow from the roof of your car.

  • Slow it down – Wet or icy road conditions can increase stopping distances by up to 10 times. Make sure you leave plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front and reduce your speed. At this time of year, even roads that have been treated can still be wet or icy in patches.
  • Breakdown beware – Breakdowns are more common over winter so make sure you’ve got breakdown cover should the worst happen.
  • Give way – If you see gritting crews out and about, give way to make sure they can treat the roads. If you overtake a gritter you could be putting yourself and other road users at risk as the road ahead may be untreated.
  • Check your vehicle – Regularly check your vehicle to make sure it’s in good condition and that tyres have sufficient tread to grip the road surface.

  • Get kitted out – Keep an emergency winter kit in your car in case you get stuck or break down. You can create your own using our handy infographic or purchase one from places such as Halfords or the AA.
  • Plan ahead – Try to plan your journey on mains roads as these are more likely to have been gritted and cleared of snow. Many local authorities produce maps showing which roads they grit. View ours on our website.
  • Only travel if you have to – If road conditions get really bad due to snow and ice, either leave the car at home or don’t travel at all unless it is essential.
  • Get the latest updates – During the winter season, we post regular updates on our gritting activity on Twitter and Facebook. Follow us for updates and advice when a cold snap hits.

For more information, or to find out more about our winter roads maintenance, visit our website.

Emergency Winter Kit
Emergency Winter Kit