Several videos on social media are currently circulating that appears to show Chapatti flour that is ‘contaminated’ with a plastic-like material.

Derby City Council’s Trading Standards team are letting consumers know that these videos are mistaken and that the flour does not contain plastic or any other unsafe ingredient.

The videos show some chapatti dough being washed under a tap. Most of the dough is washed away to leave a hard plastic like material.

In fact, the ‘plastic’ is the naturally occurring gluten in the flour.  ‘Washing’ dough like this is the traditional way of finding the gluten content in flour.

Fakir Osman, Team Leader for Trading Standards said:

“We have received a few complaints from consumers recently about this problem and alleged adulterated chapatti flour.  Officers have checked with our Public Analyst who has confirmed that the ‘plastic’ is in fact gluten that is naturally present. ”

Cllr Asaf Afzal, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Public Protection said:

“We take our responsibility to public safety very seriously and so when we were made aware of these videos we took steps to investigate. We would like to reassure consumers that they are incorrect and there is no issue with this flour.”