At Council Cabinet on Wednesday (18th July), Councillors agreed to make sure children in care have access to one-to-one and small group tutoring at school in order to help them reach their full potential.

To help them achieve their best, some children require additional support. To date, accessing additional tutoring has helped many children in Derby to achieve academically, and fulfil their potential.

Chelsea is one of Derby’s children in care who has benefitted from tuition.

Over the last year or so, Chelsea’s life has changed for the better. She has settled, has had good school attendance and worked extremely hard, not just at school but in all areas of her life.

With the help of one of the tutors, Chelsea was able to take all of her year 11 exams at school, and even managed to take an extra GCSE.

Her school has links with Lord Clement-Jones, who invited Chelsea, with a group of other students for afternoon tea at the House of Lords, and while there, she was awarded a prize for Most Improved Student by Terry Waite CBE.

Councillor Evonne Williams, Cabinet Member for Children and Young Peoples Services said:

“Chelsea’s story is a perfect example of this scheme in action. It is so humbling to see such fantastic achievements.

As a Council, we take our role as corporate parents very seriously. We want to empower the children in our care to be the best that they can be, and to achieve their goals, whatever those may be.

We receive regular updates on how the children in our care are from both the carers and the school to ensure that personal circumstances are not a barrier to them having high aspirations.”

Cabinet approved the procurement and creation of a framework for Targeted and Tailored Tuition, for funding of up to £220k over four years.

The Derby City Virtual School is a specialist service working with children and young people in care to promote high aspirations, access to and engagement in high quality learning with a view to narrowing the achievement gaps for children and young people. It is proposed that a framework of providers is established for targeted and tailored one to one, paired or small group support to children and young people in care. Providers will be required to plan, resource and deliver quality, tailored and personalised support to enable relevant children to meet their targets and goals and make good progress over time and in relation to starting points.