Universal Credit is rolling out across Derby this month. It is administered by the Department for Work and Pensions and more information about it is online at www.gov.uk

Universal Credit will affect how some people can claim help with their Council Tax payments, because the new system does not include any help towards Council Tax Support.

All Council Tax payers on a low income who are entitled to help with their Council Tax payments – including those who are claiming Universal Credit – should make a Council Tax Support claim with the Council.

Details of how to claim Council Tax Support are online at www.derby.gov.uk

In addition to Council Tax Support, people may also be able to get an exemption or discount on their Council Tax if, for example:

  • They live on their own
  • Someone living in their house has a severe mental impairment, like dementia or a learning disability
  • They were in care provided by the Council on their 16th birthday and they are now aged under 25
  • A person in their house is a carer
  • Their home has been adapted for someone with a disability
  • Their home is an annexe to another property, for example a flat attached to a house
  • Their house is empty – maybe they have left to go into a care home or hospital
  • They are a student, apprentice or youth training trainee.

These discounts and exemptions do not depend on peoples’ income. There is more information available online at www.derby.gov.uk

Councillor Nicola Roulstone, Cabinet Member for Finance, Benefits and Procurement said:

“This introduction of Universal Credit is a major change into how payments are made and we appreciate it will affect the way some people receive support. The Council Tax Support system is in place to help those who are entitled to it so we encourage people to visit the website and start the process as soon as possible.”