Colourful flats with lots of flowers, a sports park and a family pool were among more than 20 ideas that pupils of Becket Primary School submitted for the redevelopment of Duckworth Square and the wider Becketwell area.

Year six students, who walked through Becketwell on their way to school, took a particular interest when Derby City Council made a call for ideas during a public consultation in 2015.

They conceptualised ideas which they put in writing and in colourful sketches. They were sent by post to the Council but the package went astray and was never received by the Regeneration Projects department.

By 2016, having had no acknowledgement, the school mentioned this to a member of staff from another department who was having an event at the school, and the original letters and sketches were hand-delivered to Regeneration Projects. Their thoughts were well received.

Two years later, a printed panel containing ten of their ideas and views are to be installed on hoardings in Macklin Street by the Council.

Director of Regeneration, Greg Jennings said:

“On behalf of the Council, I wish to thank the pupils for showing such an interest in city centre regeneration and the thoughtfulness of their work and ideas.  I am very pleased that we will be able to put their work on public display and I would invite people to go to Macklin Street to see their spectacular work.”

In addition to the school’s panel, two other information boards are being installed on the ground floor of the former Debenhams building.

One is of the proposed timeline for the Becketwell Regeneration Scheme and the other is on the City Centre Masterplan showing what has been achieved so far, what are the aims of the entire plan and the projects to be delivered in the first five years.