Visit My Mosque Day is a national event and this year the Jamia Mosque on Rosehill Street are taking part. They will be open from 11.00am til 3.00pm and people are free to pop in to have a tour around the mosque, ask questions, and observe prayers at 12.45pm.

It’s a great way for people of other faiths, or no faith to see inside a mosque and perhaps debunk a few myths and concerns.

Councillor Asaf Afzal, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Public Protection said

“Visit My Mosque Day is a fantastic way for people to gain an understanding about the Muslim faith, have a look around a local Mosque, learn more about their educational, community and charity work and most importantly, ask questions – no matter how difficult!

“The theme this year is ‘Open Doors, Open Mosques, Open Communities’ which reflects the openness and commitment of Derby Jamia Mosque to bringing their local communities together and I would like to thank the Committee for their hard work in organising the event.

“So, take the opportunity on Sunday to pop into the Mosque, get to know your Muslim neighbours and recognise how much we all have in common.”

For more information on the day you can visit the national Visit My Mosque website