Living Streets, a UK walking charity are today launching their 2017 National Walking month campaign. The #Try20 campaign encourages everyone to take on the challenge of walking for 20 minutes a day and embrace the benefits being more active has to offer.

To help you kick start your challenge, Living Streets have come up with a list of 20 great tips:

  1. Invite Family and Friends – Walking is a great way to spend quality time with loved one, and you can all get fitter at the same time. Competition can be a big motivator. See who can stick to #Try20 all month! Challenge your friends and family.
  2. Try a walking meeting – Get some fresh air and a change of scenery, boost your energy and productivity. Simple. Inspire the whole office to get involved and #Try20 today to feel energised and start the week with a smile.
  3. Food Exclusion Zone – Get adventurous this month – give your taste buds a treat as well as your feet. Set up a food exclusion zone (fez) and make sure you walk at least 20 minutes when buying your lunch. All those sandwich shops round the corner are banned!
  4. Walk to or from work – You might not be able to walk the whole way to or from work, but you can skip a bus stop or park your car further away to add in your 20 minutes walking before or after work. The average brit spends a whopping £1,000 a year on transport costs, so you’ll start cutting these too.
  5. Get snap happy this weekend – Capturing moments makes walking even more interesting. Plan a weekend walk and take your smart phone or camera along and snap your local park, sunset or city centre. See how many hidden treasures you can find in your local area and then submit them to our picture of the week competition!
  6. Take the long cut – Why not spend some time figuring out the ‘long cut’? Take the long way round for an extra 20 minutes. Plan your journey ahead and see things you wouldn’t normally see. Taking the long way round, might become your everyday journey and will help clear your head for the week ahead.
  7. Walk to the local shops – Not decided what to make for supper yet? Walk to a local shop for ingredients this evening to get in your 20 minutes. Discover a new local haunt and get those arm muscles going carrying your bags. All in 20 minutes!
  8. Try the Living Streets scavenger hunt – Go for a scavenger hunt in your lunch hour or after work and spot interesting things in your neighbourhood. You can download and print a scavenger hunt sheet from the Living Streets website.
  9. Have a family adventure – Have a family walking adventure this weekend. Your children or grand kids can make you see walking differently. Let the little ones in your life take you for a walk this weekend and get in some training for Walk to School Week (16th-20th May) at the same time.
  10. Walk to school – During Walk to School Week, walk with your children or grandchildren. Ditch the school run for a school walk.
  11. Let’s see your happy shoes – Tuesday, 16th May is Happy Shoesday – join thousands of children across the UK lacing and racing out the door to school as part of walk to school week.
  12. Go ahead, treat yourself – 8th-14th May is mental health awareness week, the perfect time to take a walk and treat yourself. That could mean buying yourself something nice – but it certainly means doing something that makes you happier. Walking is not only good for our bodies, it’s great for our mood. Give it a spin – it’s the least you deserve.
  13. Lunch alfresco, not aldesko – As the weather is getting better, why not plan a lunch alfresco instead of aldesko? Invite your friends and colleagues on a picnic. Pack a picnic rug and lots of nibbles and then get walking to find the perfect spot.
  14. Take a romantic promenade – Got a date this weekend? Nothing says I love you more than a romantic wander. Take a stroll along your favourite promenade or scout out a new route to take friends and family.
  15. A mindful meander – Don’t let a hectic week get you down. Walking is the perfect way to zone out and rid yourself of negative thoughts. Take time for yourself
  16. Two birds, one stone – Why not incorporate some of your daily chores into a lunch time walk? Feel energized and stress-free knowing you’re on top of those small nagging jobs as well as getting 20 minutes walking into your day.
  17. Prepare for the weather – You shouldn’t be put off walking by the weather. Come rain or shine, if you’re prepared you can get in your daily 20. Stock up on waterproof clothing and keep sunscreen and a bottle of water in your bag and if you’re not stocked up – go on a walk to get in supplies at lunch.
  18. Make someone’s day – Dropping in on friends and neighbours can make a big difference. Doubly so if they live alone. Why not suggest a walk with an older person you know, you could even offer to help carry their shopping? A simple thing that can mean a lot to both of you.
  19. Power Walk to the finish – Power walking is a great way to stay healthy, boosting fitness and energy levels. You’ll get further in your 20 minutes too! Try walking on different surfaces and inclines – it uses different muscles and will strengthen them as well.
  20. Share your highlights – Loving the #Try20 challenge? Share that love and encourage others to join you for a walking party!

Find out more about the campaign and how else to get involved over on the Living Streets website.