Derby City Council’s Recycling team is encouraging parents to try washable nappies: a cost-effective, eco-friendly alternative, with no gels or chemicals to irritate babies’ skin.

To coincide with Real Nappy Week, the team is running a competition on Facebook to give away a full washable nappy kit worth £270! The kit includes a variety of different kinds of washable nappies, so the winner can try out the different styles and see which would work best for their baby.

Washable nappies - the different styles.

How do washable nappies work?

Washable nappies are exactly that – nappies which are built to be washed and reused, with a flushable paper liner to collect any waste.

You can either try sized nappies, using different ones as baby grows bigger, or a ‘birth-to-potty’ nappy which is adjustable to fit babies at all stages of their development. There are different kinds to suit different needs that babies may have, and they come in a variety of attractive patterns and designs.

When the nappy needs changing, you remove the paper liner (along with any waste that has collected there) and flush this down the toilet. You then pop the nappy in to wash on a 40–60⁰ cycle, and hang it out to dry.

What are the benefits of washable nappies?

  • Washable nappies have no chemicals or gels, and are typically softer on baby’s bottom.
  • They are very cost-effective compared to buying disposable nappies, even with the added costs of washing them.
  • They reduce how much nappy waste is thrown away in the UK.
  • They are super easy to get on and off, with most nappies coming with Velcro or popper fastenings – no more wrestling with a safety pin!
  • Babies tend to potty train quicker if they wear washable nappies.
Washable nappy kit - competition prize
The prize!

What is the competition?

Derby City Council is giving residents a chance to win a full washable nappy kit worth £270. This includes:

  • 12 washable nappies – some sized, some ‘birth-to-potty’, so parents can try the different styles
  • 4 outer nappy wraps
  • a nappy bucket to store any dirty nappies before being washed
  • a nappy bag for on-the-go use
  • 3 washable liners
  • 10 washable wipes
  • a mesh laundry bag so you can keep your nappies secure while you wash them
  • a pack of flushable liners.

To enter, you simply need to visit the Derby City Council Facebook page and ‘share’ one of the four washable nappy posts that will be published between 9.00am on Monday 23rd and 5.00pm on Friday 27th April.

The team will select one winner once the competition has closed.

You can find full terms and conditions on our website, as well as more information about washable nappies.

Washable nappy cashback scheme

Remember, if you don’t win, we are still here to help you with the costs of washable nappies. Derby City Council will provide £25 cashback if you spend over £50 on washable nappies (or related items, such as liners).

You can download the cashback form on our website; send this to us along with a receipt showing us what you have bought.