If you’ve bought a puppy for Christmas, the Dogs Trust website has a number of useful fact sheets to help new owners give their puppy the best start and how to best prepare for their new arrival.

Every new year, the number of stray dogs in the city sees an increase as people either cast out older dogs that have been replaced by puppies or because they can’t cope with the demands of their new puppy.

To help reduce the number of stray dogs on the streets of Derby, the Environmental Protection team are working in partnership with a local business and have awarded the Stray Dog Service contract to Crowfoots Kennels, based in Church Broughton.

What should I do if I’ve found a stray dog?

If you believe that you have found a stray dog, by law you must either return it to its owners (if you know who they are) or contact us so it can be collected and taken to the kennels.

Once we’ve collected the dog we will attempt to reunite it with its owners, either through details held on its microchip or collar tag.

Following legislation which came into effect on the 6th April 2016, all dogs should have microchips with up-to-date contact information of the owner.

For more information about how we manage stray dogs, visit our website.